12 Lessons from One Trillion Screens

As a pioneer in compliance screening, RDC has now carried out over one trillion screens for more than 1,000 banks, financial institutions, FinTechs and Fortune 500 companies.

Designing and optimising a customer due diligence program isn’t easy, so RDC is here to help. Based on our experience with more than 1,000 clients across more than 100 countries, we’ve assembled our Top 12 lessons learned:

  1. Decide What Really Matters
  2. Beware the “We Can Build it All” Strategy
  3. Avoid the Piecemeal Approach
  4. Embrace the Cloud
  5. Adverse Media Makes for Better Screening Outcomes
  6. All Data isn’t Equal
  7. Implement a Risk-based Approach to PEP Screening
  8. Center of Excellence Models Work
  9. Automate Intelligently Where Possible
  10. Consider the Post-Onboarding Phase
  11. Data Plus Technology is the Winning Formula
  12. Don’t Forget the Human Element

In this eBook, we share key steps in the planning phases, approaches for applying AI, and how to take a risk-based approach.