Tracking Risks Regarding Marijuana Related Businesses: Seed to Sale Monitoring


With conflicting opinions from state and federal legislation and limited guidance from the Department of Justice and FinCEN, financial institutions are still grappling on how to bank Marijuana Related Businesses (MRB). RDC is committed to providing a comprehensive and timely monitoring service that looks beyond the dispensaries, and aims to cover the growing number of businesses participating in the cannabis industry from “seed to sale”.

Listen to Bonnie Liggett, Director of Content Acquisition discuss best practices around:

  • Tracking and monitoring each US state and territory pending and future legislation
  • Following the marijuana industry for new businesses that need to be monitored
  • Verifying and tracking each state government’s lists of licensed businesses including the following where available: Cultivation, Manufacturing, Production, Testing Laboratories, and Dispensaries (Medicinal and Recreational).

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