FinCrime Spotlight Podcast

FinCrime Spotlight is the podcast that looks to shine a light on the fintech community and their fight against financial crime. Hear from compliance leaders working for some of the world’s most innovate fintech companies as they provide a glimpse into their personal and professional journeys, and offer perspectives on what financial crime prevention looks like today and how it might look in the future.

FinCrime Spotlight is hosted by FINTRAIL and sponsored by RDC.

Episode 9: Jeff Sidell, RDC

Hear from RDC’s very own Jeff Sidell, Chief Technology Officer, as he discusses:

  • Journey from studying computer science to professional ballet dancing to founding tech companies
  • How the use of data has evolved in the anti-financial crime space
  • Challenges in creating machine learning solutions that help prevent financial crime
  • The difference made by RDC’s purpose of preventing criminal infiltration of financial systems

Episode 8: Isabella Chase, RUSI

Hear from Isabella Chase, Research Fellow, RUSI as she discusses:

  • The focus on policy behind financial crime controls
  • Implications as a result of the coronavirus pandemic
  • Increased collaboration to navigate through times of crisis
  • Aligning research to help solve policy challenges

Episode 7: John Wiethorn, TransferWise

Hear from John Wiethorn, AML/BSA Officer, TransferWise, as he discusses:

  • Journey to the anti-financial crime space and role at TransferWise
  • Striking a balance between fintech pace and effective compliance
  • The impact of having a dedicated product compliance function
  • What a ‘typical’ day looks like at TransferWise

Episode 6: Kate Hotten, Stripe

Hear from Kate Hotten, International Head of Financial Crimes, Stripe, as she discusses:

  • Applying her background in money laundering investigations
  • What influenced her decision to move from banking to fintech
  • Differences in international compliance culture, including UK, US, and Ireland
  • Most important areas of focus while working in a rapid-growth environment

Episode 5: Stephen Brent Sargeant, Bitfinex

Hear from Stephen Brent Sargeant, AML Investigator, Bitfinex, as he discusses:

  • Importance in building a personal brand in the compliance space
  • How the approach to AML at a cryptocurrency firm compares with traditional banking
  • The rise in cryptocurrency firms and regulatory roles
  • Greatest personal and professional career highlights

Episode 4: Marta Lia Requeijo, ClearBank

Hear from Marta Lia Requeijo, Head of Financial Crime, ClearBank, as she provides perspectives on:

  • Moving from a traditional banking environment to fintech
  • Reviewing new products and services at ClearBank and assessing the associated risk
  • Importance of mentoring and coaching
  • Leading the financial crime team at ClearBank and the scalability of solutions

Episode 3: Dinu Popa, MarketFinance

Listen to Dinu Popa, AML/Financial Crime Lead, MarketFinance, as he reflects on his experience managing AML, financial crime, and fraud prevention in corporate and fintech environments. Get his perspectives on:

  • Making the move from traditional banking to fintech
  • Building a fraud and financial crime infrastructure based on change
  • How financial crime prevention has evolved at MarketFinance
  • Introducing innovative solutions to tackle fraud and financial crime

Episode 2: Willem Wellinghoff, Shieldpay

Hear from Willem Wellinghoff, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, Shieldpay, as he discusses:

  • Thoughts on combining legal and compliance roles
  • How financial crime prevention has evolved at Shieldpay
  • His role as a mentor with Techstars
  • Effective financial crime prevention during the coronavirus lockdown

Episode 1: Rebecca Marriott, Tide

Gemma Rogers, Co-Founder, FINTRAIL, sits down with Rebecca Marriott, VP Risk & Compliance | MLRO, Tide, to explore her personal and professional journey and gather insights about:

  • Building the anti-financial crime operation at Tide
  • Customer focus while establishing controls
  • Importance of building a network
  • Expectations and hopes for the future