Adverse Media – the Secret to Better KYC/AML Screening


As a current tool utilized by more large financial institutions to support their AML/KYC processes, Adverse Media can play a significant role in realizing operational efficiency and improved risk decision making. The challenge for many organizations is how to deploy this technology not just in a high risk business line, but enterprise wide, without creating a mountain of work for internal teams.

During this webinar, were joined by Ewa Frackiewicz from HSBC.  Ewa is the Negative News Screening (NNS) Lead within 2LoD for HSBC and is responsible for the oversight of NNS globally across all lines of business and jurisdictions in which HSBC operates.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Challenges of adverse media in the age of fake news: Determining relevancy and materiality
  • How adverse media can assist in compiling an aggregate story for a sound risk decision to be made, or simply drive a binary decision in a low risk line of business.
  • How do teams apply and inject the information without an overwhelming output of alerts?

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