ACAMS Live 24+ Global Virtual Summit

RDC was pleased to sponsor ACAMS Live 24+ Global Virtual Event June 2-3, 2020 and contribute subject matter experts to two knowledge sessions.

Why AI? To Fight Fraud, That's Why.

Chief Technology Officer Jeff Sidell joined a panel of experts in a conversation detailing how AI and other tech innovations are the new way to work against fraud.

Data, speed and oversight are all necessary for an AI solution to be successful against fraud and other financial crimes. Read Jeff's latest thoughts on model monitoring for reliable AI.

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Adverse Media: No News is Bad News

Hugo Veazey discussed the intersection of materiality when it comes to defining adverse media / negative news and examined best practices for its inclusion as part of an effective AML / KYC program. Widely regarded as a critical component of today’s financial crime risk management process, our Adverse Media whitepaper explores several common challenges and five best practices for achieving smarter, more efficient screening.

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