ACAMS FinTech Regulatory Summit

Join RDC at the ACAMS Fintech Regulatory Summit on Wednesday, March 4 as we sponsor and present to an industry focused on speed, efficiency and convenience. The rise of FinTech's has re-shaped the landscape of how compliance programs need to function to facilitate fast and immediate decisions. 

Chief Technology Officer Jeff Sidell will be speaking on the benefits and limits of AI and machine learning in an instant payments world.

Session: FinTech Special Ops - Global Bank Strategies to Combat Next Wave Payment Systems and Financial Crime Risks

Time: 9:45 - 10:45 AM

Fintechs who have implemented AI capabilities report numerous benefits including reductions in false positives, faster onboarding and improved accuracy when evaluating risk. Fintech companies are defined by the technology and innovation that help them deliver cutting-edge financial products and operations, and we're proud to be  their trusted partner with equally important leading technology solutions.

How We work with FinTechs