Multinational Corporations

Multinational Corporations

The challenge of comprehensively identifying, assessing and monitoring suppliers for regulatory, business and reputational risk has continued to grow as organizations are increasingly held responsible for the actions of the vendors in their supply chain. As a multinational company, you can no longer claim to be unaware of supplier breaches in regulations or the safety of their workers.

Not knowing who you are really doing business with is at the core of this issue, including whether the corporations that make up your supply chain have an effective risk management program in place. Automation of this process allows for better insight, and can help a corporation segment the risks their suppliers bring, focusing their efforts on those that represent the biggest threat.

RDC offers a complete solution for compliance screening:

  • Meet and exceed your regulatory obligations globally with comprehensive risk screening against data from 240 countries.
  • Identify potential concerns in your supply and development chains, and other business partners with quick and cost-effective due diligence.
  • Ensure compliance of the highest standard and the best possible protection from risk with a ready-made, configurable screening solution.

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