False Positives

False Positives

Our clients face a resource intensive process, where Level 1 analysts require an average of anywhere from 15 – 60 minutes to clear an alert, depending on the closeness of the match, and the organization often get hundreds of alerts per month of which 75% or more would be false positives. In a recent ROI study, our customers reported a potential of 70-95% reduction, significantly reducing workload.

“ False positives were reduced by 50-75% after moving from another vendor to RDC, and the time needed to clear the remaining alerts decreased 30-50%, from 15-20 minutes per alert to 10 minutes.” – Head of Compliance

RDC offers advanced and tailored alert filtering, risk scoring and daily portfolio monitoring specifically based on clients’ business requirements and risk definitions, providing you with maximum protection and cost efficiency.

  • Uncover more risk in customer screening and eliminate false positives with the powerful combination of the largest dataset and advanced, configurable filtering.
  • Maximize due diligence spend with cost-effective, decision ready reports offering the highest levels of insight and automated daily monitoring.
  • Significantly enhance protection with a full compliance screening solution adaptable to the needs of your global team.

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