Adverse / Negative Media

Adverse / Negative Media

When you look at protecting your business, media helps you cast the widest net. As your team delves into the vast ocean of media sources, how do you determine what information is relevant? While Sanction and PEP designations create a certain risk application, capturing an individual before they appear in either of those categories provides a more complete picture of potential exposure. RDC delivers an adverse media/negative news configurable solution that sorts the risk relevant to you, and captures individuals before they appear on a sanctions list.

  • Beyond FATF predicate offenses:

An offense begins with an allegation. From cases of conspiracy through violent crime or abuse, your business can sustain irreversible reputational damage. Our collection of media allows you to filter individuals and organizations through risk stages beginning with allegation through a possible conviction to expose unknown risks.

  • Batch Uploads:

Your time is valuable. RDC gives you the ability to upload and screen batches of data when it’s convenient for you, maximizing efficiency and returning relevant results.

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