Better insights Faster

A Window into Customer Screening Activity

Improve your KYC and AML reporting capabilities with RDC View. This customer screening dashboard enables increased operational efficiency and better utilization of your compliance/operations teams' expertise by turning all of your compliance data into actionable information.   

The intelligence capabilities of RDC View have been built to meet the specific needs of real-world compliance professionals. This platform is based on hundreds of hours of customer interviews and feedback so the solutions it provides will be as relevant to your business as possible. 

RDC View works seamlessly with our screening solutions and enables you to easily understand your data and extract meaningful insights, with no complex integration procedures or processing costs. 

A Purpose-built Data Intelligence Solution

Optimize Processes

Identify, track inquiry volumes, spot anomalies and measure performance across multiple business lines and regions.

Provide Accurate Real-time Reporting

Make sure use of unlimited AML and KYC dashboards and configure them according to the specific reporting needs of individual business lines and regions.

Accelerate Compliance Decision Making

With greater insight into screening trends and enhanced efficiency across business lines you'll be in a better position to evaluate risk and make confident decisions, faster.

Delve Deeper into your Data

Access relevant and timely insights to inform decisions aimed at improving your KYC and AML reporting capabilities as well as compliance operations performance overall.

Adverse Media Screening

Screen your customers against the world's largest collection of negative news in the industry.

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