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Access real-time data with our KYC/AML API

Retrieve the data you need faster with RDC’s REST API integration. Our KYC AML API allows customers to access the customer screening data they need including PEPs and sanctions data in real-time.

RDC provides a REST API integration reducing implementation time and effort significantly over previous SOAP API offerings. RDC REST APIs provide JSON formatted inputs and responses that allow clients to search, review and manage portfolio monitoring via direct client application integrations. The benefits of REST JSON APIs are numerous and include the reduction of payload sizes, simpler formatting and future proofing API integrations allowing for additional feature sets that are both secure and reliable.

This integration solution enables the client's system(s) to directly submit single or multiple name inquiries and retrieve results from the RDC solution via XML with the SOAP API, or JSON with the REST API. Web Services requests can be sent to RDC in an ad hoc way for RDC Review, Client Review, as well as RDC Search. API Integrations support the submission of up to one thousand inquiries at a time using a method called Grid-Batch-Service-Add, or one to ten inquiries per transaction using a method called Grid-Batch-Service-Realtime. RDC encourages clients to employ the Realtime API as it enables clients to receive all ‘No Matches’ back immediately, as opposed to waiting for the results of large batches to complete.

RDC Search and Review Rest Web services

The RDC Platform

Our platform combines risk data, analytics, human expertise and AI tech that precisely identifies relevant risks. 

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