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Supporting Your KYC/AML Program

The challenge of the AML industry has shifted from collecting massive amounts of data to understanding it; turning data into knowledge, conclusions and actions. AI Review enables real-time response with expert analyst-level effectiveness.

The New Way to Work

It is revolutionizing every aspect of how financial institutions operate, including more effective customer screening. 

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Risk Data Content and Curation

Largest relevant data set collected over nearly two decades. Machine learning model reduces non-risk relevant data noise in false positives.

Level One Analyst Screening and Decisioning

Increased RDC analyst review and enhancements. AI-enhanced learning from decisioning criteria.

Technology-based First Level Financial Crime Screening

Real-time responses with analyst effectiveness and learning enhancements.

RDC's goal is to put more data to work. We know when it comes to big data, analytics and AI, the value does not come from collecting the data, or even from deriving some insight from it.  The value comes from just one thing: ACTION.


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Regulation's 'New Normal'

Benefits of AI Review

RDC is building defensible AI in AML’s highly regulated environment because we understand how decisions are made. We have been validating our models for the past decade. We have an immense amount of curated matches and decisioning scenarios that we have collected and stand uniquely positioned to prove the best AI outcomes.


Immediate response rate for quick compliance because a days long approach is no longer enough


Screen more of your portfolio within budget and with current resources


Remove manual processes for consistent decisioning responses


Meet increased regulatory supervision calling for transparency in your AML/KYC program


Eliminate the noise inherent to the limitations of current rules-based automation


Powered by the largest database of customer screening data and our level one analyst decision learnings

AI and FinTech: An Intelligent Choice or Artificial Hype

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