Our Approach to AI

A Foundation of Data

Our ability to implement successful AI models stems from a core component of our customer screening solution – quality risk data.

Decades of Learning

Without quality data, there is little for AI models to ‘learn’ from. But with over 17 years of risk information and analyst alert decision-making data feeding our AI algorithms, the results have been significant.

Transforming Workflows

This technology is transforming the way compliance teams work today and can help you shift towards automated onboarding with significant false positive reduction.

Setting the industry standard

With Nearly Two Decades of Data and Experience, Our AI Technology is Unmatched

Capitalizing on Data Excellence

Our proprietary risk database contains over 10m profiles with AI supporting fast and accurate data curation as well as intelligent risk scoring.

Tackling False Positives

More than a decade of RDC’s expert analyst decision-making is used to ‘train’ our machine learning algorithms, accurately identifying and reducing false positives.

Meeting Regulatory Scrutiny

We’re constantly evolving and testing our AI techniques, working alongside global regulators to ensure we meet the highest levels of scrutiny.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are only as good as the data they’re built on. RDC has amassed some of the richest risk information and analyst decision-making data over 17+ years, which has enabled us to develop the most sophisticated AI-driven screening solution in the industry. In practical terms, this means faster processing and significantly fewer false positives.”
Jeff Sidell
Chief Technology Officer, RDC

AI Supercharges Decision Making

Searching for more efficient ways to make decisions? Hear how we're inserting advanced analytics across 3 key components to provide you with  risk profiles that help you make your decision. 

Finding Stories That Matter

Download our white paper to find out more about natural language processing and how effective this AI tool can be in interpreting risk-relevant information.

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