Integrated Adverse Media, PEP and Sanctions data

Uncover More Risk and Adhere to Regulations

The RDC solution has been supporting the compliance and screening needs of our clients for over 20 years, and today helps organizations of all sizes and industries meet their compliance obligations and address their trust and safety concerns. 

Faster, More Efficient Screening

RDC has the largest curated, risk-relevant database in the market. We provide automated, daily portfolio monitoring that eliminates periodic re-screening. By bringing together data and leading-edge algorithms developed for KYC/AML screening, RDC can dramatically improve customer screening efficiency.

Eliminate False Positives

Uncover more risk in customer screening and eliminate false positives with the powerful combination of our datasets and advanced, configurable filtering.

Reduce Risk Analyst Workload

A Top 5 Global Bank reduced its risk analyst workload by 90% using our platform.

Reporting and Insights

Maximize due diligence spend with cost-effective, decision ready reports offering the highest levels of insight and automated daily monitoring.

Reduce Screening Turnaround Time

RDC helped a major Money Transfer & Payment Provider reduced their screening turnaround time by 75%.

A Global Solution

Significantly enhance protection with a full compliance solution adaptable to the needs of your global team.

Reduce Errant Alerts

Let your team spend time where it's truly needed. A Top U.S. Bank realized a 94% reduction in alerts with RDC.

21st Century Compliance: How Technology is Central to Risk Protection in a Complex World

Good customer screening is an essential part of the response to financial crime. In this paper, we look at the central role of technology in making compliance possible in the 21st century.

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