RDC: The Chosen Screening Provider to Leading Fintechs

Our market-leading customer screening capabilities using Sanctions, PEPs and Adverse Media to identify money launderers have been especially valuable to our fintech customers as they scale and mature. We have been selected to partner with some of the fastest growing fintechs in the US, UK. and Asia to identify critical criteria to prevent bad actors and stop illicit money flow activities.

Our customer screening solutions allow fintechs to stay ahead of the constantly evolving tactics employed by criminals accessing the global financial system. With limited resources to help counter this threat, there is a clear need for innovation by fintech companies to become more efficient in dealing with financial crime risk.

With our nearly twenty years of curated data and customer engagement experience, we are able to outpace the competition in identifying the bad actors through customizable and easy-to implement risk profiles. We provide not only the standard Sanctions and PEP screening but also all important pre-conviction media coverage, money laundering topologies, and other connected patterns of behaviors critical to keeping fintechs compliant and secure.

Real-time Solutions

We provide valuable and efficient technology-driven solutions to the challenger banks, payment providers, and other emerging online financial institutions. With the industry’s first true AI solution and our machine learning capabilities built on data and analyst insights, we offer fintechs the real-time solutions they require. Fintechs who have implemented AI capabilities report numerous benefits including reductions in false positives, faster onboarding and improved accuracy when evaluating risk. Fintech companies are defined by the technology and innovation that help them deliver cutting-edge financial products and operations; we're their trusted partner with equally important leading technology solutions.

FinTech FinCrime Exchange (FFE)

RDC is proud sponsor of the FFE, the only global fintech community dedicated to the fight against financial crime. The FFE provides a unique forum for fintech companies to collaborate, discuss financial crime threats and share information. Our exclusive partnership provides continued support to all FFE members and promotes the sharing of valuable insights.