Quality sanctions data compiled, monitored and updated by a global team

RDC Offers an Unmatched Sanctions Database

Our sanction screening software is built on the best database on the market. Access to timely, accurate data is essential to adhere to sanctions regulations and export controls. The ability to fine-tune sanctions search screening programs ensures you are not missing risks in a mountain of false positives.

Timely Database Updates

The latest sanctions list information is implemented quickly and accurately with the help of our advanced AI systems and a team of compliance specialists, to ensure you’re always covered.

Highly Structured Data

Curated profiles and sophisticated filtering make it easy to conduct risk-based sanctioned party list screening and generate productive alerts.

Associated Risk Screening

Enhance your level of risk protection with a comprehensive set of profiles associated with sanctioned parties and clear linkage information.  


Sanctions Connect

Sanctions Connect is a global sanctions database that establishes the connections to sanctioned individuals and organizations spanning over 100 countries, including Iran. Organization relationships include:

board member and senior officials
affiliated entities
family members
close associates

A Strong Combination

Sanctions lists, combined with our Adverse Media and PEPs screening capabilities are the most complete and effective solution.

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