300,000+ Profiles Reviewed
Consolidated Duplicates
Removal of "shell names"

The RDC Panama Paper Solution Dataset

Trusted Information

We cleansed, curated, and ingested the profiles into our platform, making it easy to run your portfolio, generally with no lift from you. You can choose to screen against the full list or only against the entities with other negative information. Or simply get a list of all potential matches if required.

Curated Coverage

From this dataset, thousands of our risk profiles have been augmented with other risk- relevant negative information including, global negative media mentions, identification as or associations with hundreds of PEPs, connections those on sanctions lists, and connections to entities doing business with Iran.

Experienced Insights

RDC has cleansed, curated, and ingested the 300,000+ profiles using our research team. Splitting up combined names and removing extraneous information for better name matching, and parsing addresses into correct fields: street address, city, state, country.

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