Tracking From the Earliest Indication

The Largest Collection of Negative News in the Industry

120,000+ trusted media sources
3bn+ media articles screened
80+ risk code and stage filters

RDC's Adverse Media Screening is the Gold Standard

Trusted Information

Automate your negative news search with carefully selected media sources and finely tuned machine learning capabilities that apply unique risk scores to articles.

Global Coverage

Tap into global media coverage ranging from large multinational publications down to small, regional circulations -- covering 240 countries and more than 70 languages.

Efficient Alerting

Apply powerful filters such as risk code, stage and rating to home in on relevant risk and benefit from 10 years of analyst decisioning for AI-driven false positive reduction.

Powerful SaaS Platform

Our automated customer screening solutions can integrate with your KYC/AML compliance process and be implemented with little lift.

API, Batch, Online Portal Delivery

Multiple delivery options allow RDC to run independently or integrate with your existing compliance solutions.

High Precision Filtering

Filter your negative media search based on your unique policies matched against 80+ risk codes and stage filters, from accusation through conviction.

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Our adverse media information augments our PEP and sanctions profiles giving you a holistic risk assessment of an individual or organization.

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