Iran Connect is a product designed to assist clients in complying with the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act (CISADA) of 2010. CISADA expands upon the 1996 Iran Sanctions Act and the Iranian Transaction Regulations administered by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Iran Connect provides detailed, open sourced profiles of Iran-relevant entities and the associated individuals and organizations tied to those entities kept current as new information or details emerge. The profiles for each entity include addresses, aliases, connections and relationships to other records, dates of birth when available, and source information.

Iran Connect data is pulled from foreign Chambers of Commerce, Middle East business advocacy journals; full-scale public source research of IRGC-affiliated persons and organizations inside and outside Iran and any subsidiaries under their control; foreign banks conducting business with the IRGC or IRGC front companies; full mining of relevant investigative reporting and key think tank research on Iran.

Highly trained and qualified analysts conduct quality control and review Iran Connect records at all stages of the research and data entry process; review possible client alerts to minimize false positive returns; and domain experts provide an additional level of materiality review.
In our Iran Connect data set, you will see many relationships, including affiliates: RDC defines this relationship type as a well-known client, partner or vendor of the entity concerned.

Data for GRID is selected on the basis of its utility to assist clients in managing money laundering, fraud, corruption, compliance, organized crime, sanctions, embargoes, and associated regulatory and reputational risks: RDC accomplishes this through comprehensive efforts to harness subject matter expertise, experience and technology into an ever-increasing archive of risk.

The sources used in this collection are selected based on their ability to identify potential Sanctions related risks based on regulations and recommendations relating to CISADA compliance obligations.

RDC is not the original source for any of the content in this profile, please refer to the additional links in the Entity URL and Sources section of the profile.