Regulatory DataCorp Continues Its Accelerated Growth In Europe

London and New York, NY, June 15, 2015 — Regulatory DataCorp, Inc.  (RDC), the Trust Diligence™ leader across the Governance, Risk and Compliance industry , today announced that it has acquired over one hundred new customers since opening its European headquarters in London in 2014. Customers in the region include some of the world’s largest banks, insurance and telecoms companies; as well as a growing number of emergent FinTech firms. RDC supports this diverse client base with needs varying from anti-money laundering and know your customer to anti-corruption and reputation management.

“The continued strong growth that RDC is experiencing across Europe is a clear reflection of the enhanced protection and productivity that clients realise with our advanced Compliance as a Service solutions,” said Rupert de Ruig, Managing Director, EMEA & APAC. “RDC’s powerful SaaS compliance platform allows our clients to identify, assess and continuously monitor a wider range of regulatory, business and reputational risk in their global customer, supplier and third-party relationships with greater precision than ever before.”

RDC’s ability to provide customers with unparalleled insight into their potential risks is down to a highly configurable combination of data, technology and analyst services, including:

  • GRID® (Global Regulatory Information Database) – the world’s largest source of risk relevant information including sanctions and watchlists; Politically Exposed Persons and their close associates; and an unmatched collection of global adverse media.
  • A complete Software as a Service technology platform, integrating a powerful filtering engine and advanced analytics, that allows customers to configure screening and ongoing monitoring parameters according to their requirements by specifying both the type of risk they want to be alerted to (money laundering, corruption, fraud etc.) and the stage at which they wish to be alerted to each of these risks (arrest, trial, conviction etc.).
  • Seamlessly integrated compliance analyst services offering a fast turnaround on false positive and materiality reviews, significantly reducing the administrative burden on compliance teams and allowing them to refocus on the critical risks facing their organisations.

About RDC

Regulatory DataCorp, Inc. (RDC), the Trust Diligence™ company, delivers powerful, decision-ready intelligence and world-class risk and compliance protection, allowing global organizations to identify banned/suspect entities, strengthen fraud protection, ensure regulatory compliance, manage supply and distribution risk, and protect their brand equity.

With the world’s largest open source risk-relevant database, RDC provides AML/KYC compliance; Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) protection; emerging market intelligence; corruption, fraud and crime protection; vendor screening and monitoring; to a wide range of clients worldwide. Learn more about RDC by emailing or visiting