The Human Side of Business

Think back to January 1, a mere 84 days ago. New annual plans were in place and ready to action, a market that was poised to continue to expand, and a sports event of your choice to watch. An interconnected business globe with cross-border supply chains flows and daily interactions. Who would have thought that talk would now be of quarantines and isolation in a time where phrases like “unprecedented” and “extraordinary” are not hyperbole but are more likely understatements? For most of the world’s population, daily life – work life, home life, celebrations and milestones – has been turned upside down in a matter of weeks.

Our #1 shared focus is the global health pandemic. As RDC has done, we need to heed the calls for social distancing and isolation – difficult but necessary. The statistics are sobering, yet I am encouraged by acts of generosity and kindness, a global adoption of Britain’s “stay calm and carry on” adage even when that requires doing so 24/7 from home, and the organic growth of communities to address daily needs, including volunteering for the infirmed or elderly neighbor, providing for lost wages, and donating needed blood. Co-workers exhibit unusual patience one Zoom meeting after another; what is most telling is the pleasure, not annoyance or embarrassment, expressed when a colleague’s relative walks through the frame or from offscreen a child wonders out loud what’s for lunch. We know our colleagues and customers better, for the good.

Working with our customers over recent weeks, in fact, has been one of my most rewarding professional experiences. Unusual to say when concern for the basic welfare of employees and customers is the priority, not to mention staying ahead of the changing daily developments. RDC has always prioritized being transparent and flexible, never more so as we have been identifying how we can assist our customers in uncertain times. We have recognized customer coverage shortages and provided supplements to their capabilities with our people and tools. Even more dramatically, we have re-confirmed the importance of our technology-based solutions to maintain insightful and analytical market coverage. True to our mission, RDC continues to provide critical customer screening at a time when vigilance to financial markets’ sabotage is critically important; history has shown financial fraud increases significantly during times of economic hardship or global turmoil. We are watching carefully, and we expect financial crime to be an even greater concern in the months to come.

And we continue to look ahead. I never knew how thankful I would be for the business continuity approach and plans we had developed. And how thankful I would be to our RDC people for being flexible and smart in uncertain and changing conditions. Our ability to keep providing value to our clients is what RDC does, day in and day out.

After addressing the current spread then containment of Covid-19, I do believe we will be fundamentally changed but the question remains how. The pandemic has highlighted many vulnerabilities from healthcare to supply chains to connectivity when individuals need to be separated and quarantined, not in one country or industry but globally. How will we look at long-term planning? How can we develop alternate work arrangements when individuals need to be physically isolated? Will regulatory barriers to online and virtual tools be amended given how antiquated they have shown themselves – from telemedicine to education to access to financial and legal data? Expertise matters more than ever. New ways of thinking matters.

For now, RDC’s approach is to take care of our families, customers, and neighbors first and foremost. We are committed to maintaining the industry leading customer screening offering in market where it has never been more needed and working in partnership with our customers to deliver the security required. The keys to this are to stay calm, deliver on our contingency capabilities, be able to be adapt as we have demonstrated in just a few short weeks, and importantly maintain perspective.

I wish you the best as we navigate uncharted waters. We are truly all in this together.
May you and yours stay healthy and safe.

Please let us know how we can help you.