COVID-19 Statement

RDC is committed and organized to provide continuation of our services to customers during the global response to the COVID-19 virus. With technology-based customer solutions, we are positioned to continue provision of our key services.

Continuing to perform essential functions and provide essential services is vital to an organization’s ability to remain viable during times of increased threats from hazards, manmade or natural. The threats to an organization’s continuity of operations are significant during a pandemic outbreak; it is important for organizations, to have a Pandemic Continuity of Operations plan (“Annex”) as part of their formal Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure it can carry out its essential functions and services. This document highlights the RDC pandemic response.
This Annex to the RDC’s BCP stresses that essential functions can be maintained during a pandemic outbreak through mitigation strategies, such as social distancing, increased hygiene, the vaccination of employees and their families, and remote working arrangements.

RDC will monitor the severity of the pandemic and establish continuity activation triggers to address the unique nature of the pandemic threat. This Annex will be implemented as needed to support the continued performance of essential functions. This plan is implemented in conjunction with RDC’s BCP, as appropriate. It supplements the BCP by addressing considerations and elements specific to pandemic events and emerging infectious diseases.

RDC has established the following mitigation strategies to ensure essential operation can continue during the spread of infectious disease.

  • At all times RDC’s senior management will monitor official third-party communications, regarding the rate and effects of infectious disease, specific to areas of essential worker concentration globally. Communications monitored will include those from the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and applicable local and state agencies.
  • Communications from Business Continuity Team ensures all staff are made aware of restrictions on face-face meetings, non-essential business travel, as well as restrictions on returning to work, on location, after having been out on sick leave.
  • RDC, as a baseline for operations, enables all RDC employees to work remotely and provides the equipment, connectivity and applicable resources to ensure a long-term viability of RDC’s core business and offerings, regardless of restrictions on office accessibility.
  • All RDC staff in all locations have access to laptops and have been instructed to take their laptops home daily in case of an office shutdown. All employees have access to secure VPN and remote collaboration tools to ensure work will continue if a mandatory work from home policy is imposed.
  • RDC also works with all subcontractors to provide seamless pandemic response.
    • RDC’s subcontractors are located in India, Bangladesh, and Romania. At this point, there is no widespread local transmission in any of these locations, but subcontractors have established protocols and contingency plans, including building safety and quarantine procedures, as well as work from home alternatives with safe and secure systems access in the case of greater contamination.
    • RDC also has access to alternative global locations from these same vendors. In case analyst work must shift origin due to a local shutdown, we will enforce the ability to reallocate the work to a new location with customer agreement. RDC management communicates daily with each provider to ensure awareness of any rapid changes in situation.
  • With regard to the current COVID-19 situation and in the unlikely event that RDC’s people-based analyst services are materially impacted by this pandemic activity, RDC will make available to those impacted customers, for a limited time and as a means of providing quick alternative solutions for customers, it’s AI Review technology solution at no charge for the duration of any active event. Impacted customers who choose this option will be reconfigured to use AI Review as quickly as RDC’s staffing allows.

This Annex will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis and at any time of material change to the Business Continuity Plan.