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RDC delivers powerful, decision-ready intelligence and world class risk and compliance protection, allowing global organizations to identify banned/ suspect entities, strengthen fraud protection, ensure regulatory compliance, manage supply and distribution risk and protect their brand equity. The RDC solution has been supporting the compliance and screening needs of our clients for over 15 years, and today helps organizations of all sizes and industries meet their compliance obligations and address their trust and safety concerns.

RDC provides the largest global database of high risk individuals and organizations to screen against, all delivered in a highly scalable and secure SaaS model, affording clients the best protection, most efficiency, and the lowest total cost of ownership. The RDC solution has 3 major components – our database of over 8 million
profiles, our underlying technology platform and our analyst review services,– all delivered as a
single service.
GRID™ (Global Regulatory Information Database) is the most comprehensive risk database of its kind combining the power of adverse media with regulatory intelligence to meet global diligence needs:
• ADVERSE MEDIA, the largest collection of negative news in the industry.
• 500+ GLOBAL LISTS including sanctions, watchlists, debarment, law enforcement, and other lists.
• SANCTIONS CONNECT – Sanctions Connect is an available dataset that provides information on the individuals and organizations associated with sanctioned entities. Covering all entities sanctioned under OFAC, the data set establishes the connections to individuals and organizations spanning over 170 countries.
• 1.5M+ PEPS IN PEP CONNECT, including office holders, close family and associates, position history, and a unique PEP rating that factors PEP level, PEP type, country, and existence of any negative media or lists.
• COVERAGE OF 60 CATEGORIES of risk ranging from high profile risks like money laundering, terrorism, organized crime, fraud and many others, pulled from global negative media on a daily basis.
• A TOTAL OF OVER 100,000 INDIVIDUAL SOURCES of information for the different risk categories.
• TRACKING OF EACH RISK FROM THE EARLIEST INDICATION, e.g. rumor and accusation, through conviction, providing early warning indicators of risk.

Global Insurance Broker reduced KYC onboarding from 3 days to 2 hours Reduced risk analyst workload by 90% at a Top 5 Global Bank Top US National Bank realized 94% reduction in Alerts Reduced due-diligence turnaround time from 8 days to 2 days at established FinTech provider


RDC’s technology optimizes the delivery of data to our clients in a single, efficient platform.

• HIGH PRECISION FILTERING allows clients to design filters that meet their specific needs. These filters can be tuned and adjusted at any time, allowing clients to be responsive to changing regulations and internal risk re-assessments. Clients can also set different rules for different business lines as needed.
• AUTOMATED DAILY MONITORING will automatically scan all customer names every 24 hours against any adds or updates to GRID, taking away the need for periodic rescreens.
• MULTIPLE DELIVERY OPTIONS, from simple online screening to advanced search with alert decisioning capabilities.
• MULTIPLE INTEGRATION OPTIONS, from batch file integration to API, online web application or daily data feed.
• A SAAS MODEL, highly scalable and secure, eliminating the need for any additional hardware, software or IT expense.
• SUPPORT FOR CLIENT-PROVIDED LISTS allows clients to upload their own internal denied party lists and approved white lists for inclusion in the screening and monitoring efforts of their customers. RDC Analysts enhance our offering, reducing client’s workloads and acting as an extension of their team.
• ANALYSTS REVIEW ALL MATCHES for false positive elimination and materiality review, based on each client’s unique rules. RDC analysts provide an additional level of assurance and quality control, reducing the alert rate for clients.
• ANALYSTS REVIEW EVERY NEW PIECE OF CONTENT, only adding new information. If multiple publications tell the same story, RDC clients only see it once, accelerating decisions and removing unnecessary workload with lean data.
• ABILITY TO LEARN FROM SHARED EXPERIENCES so rules and procedures can be refined based on industry and client insight, providing feedback loops that allow us to improve the service.
• CAPACITY TO SCALE UP to handle one-time remediation projects, solution migrations and other special projects.
“ With daily monitoring of the portfolio we can now quickly offload customers, turn off accounts, or stop the money flow, because issues are flagged right away, versus finding out later, or not until an issue had occurred.”
– Operations Risk Manager, Manufacturing

“ Being able to search across more sources, due to the breadth/depth of RDC’s databases, has increased confidence in the accuracy of the screening process.”
– General Manager, Financial Services

“ Have been able to add medium and low risk customers to the screening process for adverse media without adding a significant number of alerts, getting maybe one more alert a day.”
– Compliance Officer,

Financial Institution
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• Risk-curated Database
• Integrated Adverse Media, PEP and Sanctions
• Cover 60+ risks across all stages of maturity
• Configurable, multi-variable risk-based filtering

• Flexible SaaS platform
• Natural Language Processing
• Machine Learning
• Patented Name-Matching

• Global, in-house expert risk analysts
• Front-end – de-dupe, optimize data and validate content
• Backend – reduce false positives and provide quality check
• Superior Customer Support




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