Fighting Financial Crime with AI


One of my goals with this blog is to share what I see and hear about global financial crime issues. For this post, I want to share something new from closer to home: the launch of AI Review. I am so pleased with not just the product but what it can accomplish for our industry. With this launch, we’re introducing the industry’s first tangible, practical, deployment of Artificial Intelligence. For the first time, we are enabling users to act in near real time and with assured accuracy to identify those bad actors in the financial markets. This is a sea change. Equally, we are providing advanced technology that industry regulators can understand and get behind.

AI Review is built on the significant work RDC has been developing since inception.

What AI Review does and how it does it is interesting, but I think it’s also fascinating how we got here. AI Review is built on the significant work RDC has been developing since inception. No one could not have envisioned this outcome when we started curating data on bad actors and possible financial criminals two decades ago. By keeping our focus on customer screening and being smart about applying the right technologies, we have been able to deliver industry leading innovations. And after two decades of thoughtful curation, we announced just this week that we have crossed the threshold to 11 million profiles of bad actors in our database, more than any other provider and impossible to reverse curate. I wish there were not this many global bad actors, but as they exist, I am glad we help deliver the transparency to detect and disrupt their activities. This information and the actions taken as a result are our daily mission at RDC.

The unique capabilities that have allowed us to offer AI Review are our one-of-a-kind detailed attribute tagging of the industry’s largest database plus data collected from over a decade from our own expert risk analyst decisioning (via our RDC Review product). No other organization has in hand this core data and detail from which to create and train Artificial Intelligence - add some superb data scientists and you have a game changer.

Our AI releases are being built on our data and our level 1 data analysts decisioning as honed every day. Each release takes advantage of the record of human decisions to train predictive models using machine learning. I could not be prouder to be the only provider who has all these capabilities in house and with an unrivalled rich training set on which to build. So, it is with this foundation we can now offer a pure technology solution that produces a match score based on its prediction of the result an analyst would produce for a client inquiry. And it only gets more accurate the more you use it. Using AI capabilities, we can offer virtually real time responses to customers and provide regulators the insights into methodology and processes that they require.

On this September 11th, as we consider the founding of RDC post-9/11 and our mission, we are reminded of the devastation that can occur as a result of terrorist financing and how the undermining of our financial systems can impact lives. RDC is proud of the mission all our employees embody to fight financial crime; with advancements like AI Review, we are proud that we continue to lead the industry in finding new and improved ways to combat bad actors and unlawful financial activities.

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